Storia illustrata


3 thoughts on “Storia illustrata

  1. It would be perfect if the shoes were on fire, or in as trash dumpster and the shoes were screaming in pain. Nice work though! I am impressed how you make the tragedies of the world look pleasing, as to spare the innocent of the things they should not have to see. It is possible for children to see your beautiful photos, don’t hurt their eyes, Don’t hurt the inccoent’s eyes and souls, Send a message to those who care to transalate, They are destroying the world. What I see, is the photographer still has hope in the nature and the beauty areound us. The hope we all have that we have to cling onto the flowers, the beauty in animals, the beauty in families, and take solace in the wisdom of the ederly they truly have the key. Just my opinion.A picture is worth a thousad words, because people simply do not read anymore. That is what I see in your photos. Maybe other people see different things.

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